Tuesday, February 23, 2010


This morning early I wrote all ten of my ten things Tuesday. Before I could post it, my computer did an automatic shutdown. Aargh! I just installed new software last night and it was part of the protocol that hadn't happened yet. I was just too eager to use the computer again. I installed Windows 7 and Office 2007 and updated Norton Security. There are a bunch of programs that I have to reinstall because my computer is older and W7 didn't save them. We still have them on a portable hard drive and I also have the discs..

1. I am so thankful to live in the Pacific Northwest where spring comes early. Some of the trees are budding out and I've seen trees in bloom, daffodils, one lonely tulip, and our hostas are starting to show their buds.
2. I am also very thankful to be healing, however slow it may be. It is still progress.
3. I am also thankful that Beignet is healing. I keep my prayers up that she will someday be able to have her collar off.
4. I give thanks every day for our two cats. With such distinct and different personalities, they are a joy to love and receive love from. Google thinks I'm a sofa. Yahoo drools all over me.
5. I am thankful for a warm and comfortable home, however small it might be. To many it is a mansion.
6. I am thankful for a warm, caring, thoughtful and loving husband and especially thankful that he understands my physical limitations.
7. I am thankful to have found a young but wise physician here in Redmond.
8. I love that the sun has been shining for many days and I appreciate the rain that comes and nourishes the newly planted ferns in our yard.
9. One of our goldfish (outdoor in heated pool) has started eating from my hand. He is always first no matter what. Red is his name.
10. I'm so very thankful for the people in my life that make it interesting and joyful. Hugs to all of you.


1. It's my birthday this week:)

2. It's my brother's birthday this week:)

3. I like the look of the light as it increases in the morning from subtle to bright and how it dances off the leaves.

4. Bob and I are addicted to "MONK" dvd's. Tony Shaloub is the best at physical comedy.

5. I have Windows 7 and Office 2007 installed on my computer and love it. I previously had Vista.

6. I have found so many of my old friends through Facebook. I highly recommend it to those that don't use it. It has been great to reconnect with them. Just last night I reconnected with my college roommate.

7. Sam claps his hands for "more" and for "yes". He also says yes with an ssss on the end. It was so much fun to see him recently. He says cheese and toast. It seems the "S" words work well for him.

8. I am married to the most marvelous man in the whole world. It is so heart warming to be deeply in love with him after 33 1/2 years.

9. Beignet's feathers are slowly coming back, but there will still be more time in the collar. She hates it, but has become quite agile with such a cumbersome contraption.

10. I realized that on February 25 1976 which was 34 years ago, Bob proposed to me. It has been a wonderful journey.

This post got lost because my computer shut down unexpectedly. It was still converting new files after I installed Windows 7. I think I like the new program. I also use Office 2007 and love it. At the same time I updated Norton System Works, so my computer should be good for a while. Doing those things fixed all of the problems I have been having.

Time to go to bed.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


1. Yahoo and Google have been like Velcro since we got home yesterday. It is nice to know that they really, really, really love me. Pet love is so unconditional.
2. When we got home we could actually see how much things had grown.
3. The sun is out today and it is glorious.
4. I have a shiny red birthdays/anniversaries book that is oriental satin. If you want me to remember yours, tell me your dates. Friends or family count.
5. I crushed up Rice Chex for Beignet this morning. She took one taste of it and went for her own food. I guess that says a lot about Rice Chex.
6. Yum, I still love that first sip of "Homebucks" in the morning.
7. I am head over heels in love with my grandson Sam.
8. My orchid is putting on new blooms. The best part is that the cats aren't interested in it:).
9. I packed clothes for a four day weekend for two people into a tiny carry on suitcase. My skills have improved over the years.
10.Next thing on the agenda, figure how to pack that efficiently for Hawaii.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Every day comes to us a little bit differently. We do many of the same things, but each day has its own twist. Today I woke up early at 6:00 a.m. That was a little early for me, but it felt right. I made a big pot of coffee and drank it all. Yum, "HomeBucks". I much prefer it to that other "Bucks" coffee that costs an arm and a leg. I use Stevia to sweeten it, powdered vanilla by Cooks to flavor it and Silk Soy Creamer to make it smooth. I make my coffee strong from fresh ground frozen coffee beans (Millstone brand "Breakfast Blend"). If you are not a coffee drinker this means nothing, but that first sip is just heaven. I love the first sip and I love the last cold sip and everything in between. I can go days without coffee, but when I make it, it is a love affair.

Beignet is grumpy, angry, and stoic today. She gets her pain medicine twice a day and she would rather not have it, but it is necessary. Friday she will see the vet again. She knows this and is not at all happy about it. My necklace or zipper on my robe have become her current hated items and she grabs them as often as possible. Her beak is a powerful instrument and yesterday it inflicted a huge bite on my forearm. I have a 50 cent size angry red spot with a bite over it on that arm. She was on drugs at the time and quite rummy, so I can't blame her.

I noticed just how green everything is becoming. The bulbs we planted last fall are coming up with vigor. I keep looking for the seeds of last year's columbines and foxgloves. I'm going to plant sweet peas today if there is a break in the rain.

My fish in the huge urn outside my kitchen door almost eat out of my hand now, especially the little red one that we call Kid. His side kick is Spot. The other two are Butch and Cassidy. They are the bigger Shubunkin goldfish. The other two are just feeder goldfish that happened to get lucky.

Laundry is part of today. So is soaking stains from white washcloths.

Each day is different, yet still there are 24 hours and what we do with that 24 hours is our life.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010


I don't usually like to complain on my blog, I'd rather write what is interesting. However, today I'm exhausted. I could hardly stay awake driving home from Beignet's surgery. I had a 20 minute nap and went on to my appointment with the doctor. I have an infection that used to be a virus. Healing wasn't complete from having H1N1 so bad in the fall so my immune system can't fight anything off. This is depressing being sick so much and then Beignet being injured. I have to give her medicine and she HATES it. I feel so sorry for her and the situation she is in. I'm also feeling a little sorry about my pocket book too. All these vet visits add up. Thankfully my cats don't go outside, so they can't get sick from anything but playing too hard with each other. Most cats are too smart to do that.

Okay, done complaining. Thanks for listening. I'm sure everything will be great by the time we go to Hawaii. I can hardly wait to get into the salt water.


1. I woke up this morning and called the vet and my doctor for appointments. See last entry for the vet appointment; I've had a cold for more than 10 days and am not getting better.
2. The sun is shining and it is a gorgeous day. All of the trees have color in them.
3. I am SOOO sleepy today. It is hard to keep my eyes open.
4. I have a weird rock that I put under my computer when I put it on hibernate. Sometimes the computer turns back on and this keeps it from getting too hot.
5. My birthday is almost here.
6. The very last boxes have been unpacked excluding the boxes of puzzles and games.
7. We bought a new desk for my computer and I really like it.
8. My art studio i finally making sense to me and is functioning better.
9. I've been practicing the Aram Khachaturian Toccata for Piano almost daily.
10.Having less is feeling so much better. I don't miss the things I have parted with. Owning things just doesn't mean that much to me anymore.


Last night I saw bad signs. There were drops of blood on the paper in Beignet's cage. I looked at her tail and she had been chewing on it. So this morning we went back to the vet, she had more surgery to fix the hole she had chewed and then got another collar put on. She is one angry parrot. It makes me really sad, but she will have to wear it until all of her feathers come back in so that she doesn't want to dig at her tail. She was doing so well up until last night. Poor baby.

Saturday, February 06, 2010


Today Beignet gets her collar off. She has been really depressed with it on and the excitement is beginning to register with her. I'm planning to take a video of the event. I'm sure she will fluff up her feathers, and old feathers will go flying. It has been on about six weeks now. I hope to post pictures of her later today.

It was so beautiful outside today and I wanted to be out in the garden, but Bob and I are fighting colds, so we both stayed in and nursed our colds. He has been off work for two days now.

If you read my blog, please post that you did. Sometimes I think nobody in the world knows that I write anything.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010


1. Beignet is almost healed.
2. I've been breaking in new shoes for our trip to Hawaii.
3. The work is NEVER done at this house.
4. I need a nap.
5. I played a trick on Bob's Critter Cam and dangled a fake mouse in front of it.
6. Things are growing like crazy outside.
7. I have a new great niece.
8. My favorite time of day - when the sun streams through my studio window.
9. I had real "HomeBucks" this morning. It was soooo good!
10.I can't wait until Beignet can talk again and say, "Oh boy, cracker!" Translated this means, oh boy cooked quinoa and flax meal - her favorite food.