Sunday, August 22, 2010


It has been a long time since I've posted. I've spent much of it sleeping and not understanding why my body hadn't healed. The last visit to my doctor indicated that I had 10 times more inflammation going on in my body than the highest normal level. I guess that takes energy to heal which is why I needed so much sleep. Time will get me back to creativity.

We have planted a few new items in the yard, the most pleasant of which is a hardy gardenia. As we walk by the path to the front door or get out of the car near the garage the fragrance is overwhelmingly lovely. It seems to like its new home and is busy making new blossoms. It is evergreen which will be a nice change in the spot in which it is located.

I love you all - you already knew that- and especially to my niece Jennie I express condolences on losing her lovely pink hair because of a woman that doesn't understand the beautiful individual that she stands in authority over. May you shine pink inside Jennie.

Monday, August 02, 2010


Whew! Yesterday was planting day. I know, August 1 is the WRONG time of year to plant, but this body couldn't do it before this. I began by digging up some Hostas and replanting a hardy Gardenia in a sunny spot. The Hostas on that side of the garage got too much sun and burned every year. Then I had Bob dig up more Hostas for planting three large Hydrangea bushes. They will be semi shade and should be a beautiful color for this time of the year for years to come. Then we headed to the back yard and replanted all of the Hostas into the shade around our back patio. We already had some there and wanted to fill in a lot of open space that was always invitation to weeds.

We have hundreds of Hostas in our yard and all of them need dividing. Fall is a much better time for that project. I also rescue baby Sword Ferns from the drainage ditch at the top of our driveway every year and transplant them to useful areas. With the right conditions they can grow into large shrubs.

Little by little we make progress in our yard. Cut back lilacs and rhododendrons. Cut down dying fruit trees, plant more trees that can survive the conditions, plant day lilys (hundreds of them free from Craigslist), divide Lily of the Valley, transplant ferns, cut back Camellias, sweep off the deck, sweep off the deck, sweep off the deck, rest a little, sweep off the deck again.

Today I'm going to paint some medallions on our front door that is plain Jane dark brown. I'll use some metallics to give it some punch and I'm pretty sure BLUE will be involved. For those who don't know, all of my planting pots are blue. I'm a blue freak. I always thought my favorite color was purple, but it is becoming evident that my favorite is blue.

This morning - sore muscles, but I'm getting stronger all the time. Thanks to all who have prayed for my recovery from a long illness.