Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Sunday afternoon after working in the garden I went to leave via the west garden gate. My eye caught a little bunny but she did not attempt to move or even move her ears. As I looked I realized that there was a bulge coming from beneath her stomach and that she was laying on newborn babies. Bob came out and took a picture of her, but it was dusk, and didn't turn out well. She was gone the next night, having realized she was discovered. We have enjoyed these little tan bunnies so much since we moved here. We see them on a regular basis, but have never seen babies.

Bob said he saw Scarborough the deer about a month ago, probably pregnant. It is about time according to the plants for her to bring her young by to show them the columbines. I hope I get to see it.

Little by little we are planting things and thinning things, and picking up things that fall or are dead. It is a serious job, but we are dedicated to keep up at it. This past six months we have planted five new trees: one Japanese maple and four vine maples. We have also planted a lot of calla lilies and Stargazer lilies, day lilies and I planted sweet pea seeds that are all blue. We have so many rhododendron bushes that I think I'm going to plant one in my favorite deck pot. They have a small root system, so it should be able to live the pot for a long time.


1. I'm up early and going to get busy baking bread in a little bit.
2. Last night I put a big box of Mountain High Vanilla Yogurt into a paper towel over a strainer over a dish and covered it with plastic wrap. This morning I'm semi-rewarded with yo-cheese. It still needs to strain longer (at least 24 hours), but it is a tasty thing to have with toast and jam.
3. Friday Beignet's collar is supposed to come off. Hip Hip Hooray!
4. I'm going out later in the morning to Molbaks to get a candy tuft plant and perhaps some bare-root perennials.
5. And, I will be planting those this afternoon.
6. I finally feel like the flu is gone and my strength is returning. Hooray!
7. I wore my lei to church and a lady there said she missed living there so much and commented on the lei, so I gave it to her (this is supposed to be true Aloha style).
8. I drew a quick summary of the colors and looks of Hawaii to remind me what I saw.
9. In no way could I draw what the underwater world looked like. It was truly amazing.
10. I love you all and get so encouraged when you leave me just a wee message to let me know you were here. Thanks.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


1. We had such a good time in Hawaii. They said the weather was cool, but it was like Seattle summer with just a little more rain.
2. We went to the place that gets the most rain on earth. It was other worldly with so much green.
3. I found a teeny tiny baby gecko. He was darling, but quick.
4. We saw two chameleons and one big toad.
5. Chickens are a protected bird in Hawaii. They are everywhere and crow two hours before sunrise.
6. Snorkleing in Poipu was so fantastic. I didn't want to leave but we were both getting tired.
7. Philodendrons like we pamper in our households as precious little plants are a weed in Hawaii.
8. I got henna tattoos twice while there. They go away as your skin sloughs off so they aren't permanent. I'm looking into learning how to do it. The artist was very helpful in steering me toward the natural safe henna. There is some stuff on the market that will burn your skin. I'm really enjoying the tattoos.
9. Some people are going to be surprised when they see what I brought home for them.
10. Flying in today's time is like being a chicken packed into a tiny crate without the ability to move, having horrid food brought to you (I had to take my own) and a little cup of liquid brought to you at inconvenient times. The bathrooms would terrify MONK. On the trip home I took Benadryl to help me sleep through it. It worked.

11. Just an extra. When travelling put everything out on the bed and take twice as much money and half as many clothes. REALLY!

Tuesday, March 02, 2010


1. I have an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner so I cleaned all of my jewelry last night. So pretty!
2. Don't know how they reached it, but my cats got into my yarn - not good. Correction, Yahoo got into my yarn. If anybody gets into something it is always Yahoo.
3. I gave up using a PDA or Smartphone and now I just use a plain old paper calendar like most of the world.
4. No luck on the roller ball pen yet. I think it is a loss.
5. Sam talks to me on the phone. It is so cute. I have talked to him on the phone since he was really little, but now he makes sounds at me.
6. I wish our family all lived closer.
7. All of my miniature daffodils are blooming outside our living room window. I love them.
8. I love that it is lighter at night. Equinox is only a short time away.
9. I look forward to everybody that writes TTT. It is always fun to know what is on their minds.
10. Beignet whistles all the time to me since she can't talk with the collar on. I love her so much.


Okay, the mystery thing is beginning to drive me crazy!!!! I try to go to sleep and all I can think about is the plot of the mystery. I can't give any hints, but I'm really excited about it, or at least my brain is. It is now 12:15 a.m. and it is all I can think of. I think I need to start counting sheep or dollars or something like that. Anybody have any ideas???

Monday, March 01, 2010


I have a roller ball pen that I have really liked, but having had it in storage for the past nearly two years, it has dried out. I'm trying an experiment by soaking it point down in water for a number of days. I can see the dried out pieces of ink inside. More info later to let you know if it works. I try it every day, and it seems it shows more color each time.

I have also packed a tiny art kit for an upcoming vacation. Very small pieces of paper, a few pens and pencils and a tiny child sized 3x2" paint box with good paint in it. The old stuff was washed out and I put new stuff in it. I have three small brushes, a pencil sharpener, a tiny piece of sponge, and a wee bit of chamois and two stomps. It all fits into one little box and I love it. I've been using this kit for years now and it does everything that I want at a short notice. The small bits of paper make drawing or painting totally unintimidating and I always come away with something fun.

During a nap yesterday I had the visions for a REALLY good mystery. I've written down all of the details that I remember and begun an outline. I'm so excited about it. It is amazing what the brain does when at rest. Maybe that is why I don't sleep well.