Saturday, May 09, 2009


Today I was supposed to be working in the house, but it was sunny outside and I ended up outside all day long. It was so gorgeous and I was able to walk about and see what was growing in our yard. I found some steps going to the upper property that had been hidden under blackberries. It is always fun to find surprises in one's garden. I always liked finding salamanders in Oregon, but haven't found one on this property yet.

Saturday, May 02, 2009


We have finally unpacked the last box and the boxes have been hauled away as of yesterday. We now have an open and airy garage. Wahoo!

Plants in the yard are growing daily by the inch (hostas) and I've been out pruning blackberries which are also growing by the inch daily. I thought my hands were protected, but this morning I have numbers of broken off thorns in my fingers. Leather gloves don't seem to stop a razor sharp blackberry thorn. Does anybody have any ideas?

We are certainly not done weeding out all of our posessions, because the house has too many "things" in it. However, the boxes are gone and that is a big load off our shoulders. May day was the day it was all over. We moved July 24. Nine months and two full moves along with moves to storage units. I don't know how people move every couple of years. It is expensive, emotionally draining, and just a #!*/# lot of work.