Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Adjustment in Attitude

Anything new in life requires an adjustment of attitude. If you marry, you have to adjust your attitude to compromise and make a good life with your spouse. If you have a child, you make a lot of adjustments, like getting up several times in the night to care for your new bundle of joy. If you get cancer, you make adjustments, too. For me it has been learning that every cycle of Chemotherapy has its ups and downs and also learning to look at the benefits of Chemo - first of which is shrinking of tumors. Tagging along after that is *no acne, *no shaving of legs, *no bed hair, *easy showers, *no bothering with hair in the morning. Those few things give me a lot more time to sleep every day. In all seriousness, I have found that if I can look at the good side of things during this time, it keeps me in good spirits. I try to find one small miracle in every day. Occasionally it is the same miracle,but hey, miracles are worth repeating!