Thursday, February 16, 2006

Flying Lessons

When I was a kid I would go to the playground with my friends on Saturdays and swing. During the week at recess we had to be careful and not go too high, but on the weekend there were no teachers to caution us. I would imagine that I was a bird flying high in the air and it felt amazing to go so high. It was daring, exciting, and the fresh air across my face completed the feeling of actually flying. I wonder what a kitten thinks when jumping so high that it is flying through the air. Yahoo looks like a flame in the air, and appears to have more height left to go after the photo was taken. What fun we are having with these two special little lives.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

There WILL be Consequences!

Cats hate water. Well, most cats hate water. Tigers swim, and there is some other breed of house cat that likes to swim - perhaps it is a Turkish Van, but to sum up the issue, cats hate water. They don't just hate it, they think it will make them die, so they avoid any contact with it except to quench thirst. On the other hand, people love baths of many kinds: showers, steam baths, long relaxing baths, Turkish baths, hot tubs, and the list goes on and on. People like to swim, too and that list is even longer. People like to be clean, but I must generalize here because I have encountered a few people in my years who tweak the ability of my odor sensing nerves, though those times are rare. So the quandary between human and cat is how to find a middle ground with the water issue. If one appreciates the freshness of a clean cat and a clean human, then somebody is going to get wet in the process, and if the cat can help it, then it will be the human. I have found a solution to this issue. I just bathe my cats when I take a shower. I put a plastic stool into the shower so they can find some "high ground" and away we go using a shower head with a cord. Cats are wet, human is wet, cats are upset! I find it pretty easy to read the look on Google's face in this photo. Refer to the title above.