Friday, January 27, 2006

Together For Life

Reunion means an array of different things to a lot of different people. For some of us it is filled with pleasant, warm and fuzzy memories and events, for others it is reminders of hell-laden situations. Nonetheless, reunions take place at a fairly regular pace in our lives here on earth. I have a friend I meet with to knit and talk, I sing in a choir that meets twice a week, I embrace my family daily. Sometimes we are torn from situations where we think we will never see someone again, though this is much less common than a century ago. Wednesday Yahoo and Google thought they would never see each other again. They are the only two kittens from a litter. In previous posts I have alluded to their story. It is sad up until now. Their parents are "drop-off" cats from uncaring humans and the kittens are the result of no birth control. Their mother was live-trapped and now lives with some loving humans, Yahoo (girl) and Google (boy) were also live-trapped, sterilized and have been reunited to live out the rest of their lives together in a loving home. They have had an amazing reunion with loving snuggles and kitty kisses. An interesting fact is that approximately 95% of orange (red) tabby cats are male. Of the remaining 5% that are female, most have white somewhere on their bodies. Yahoo is in the tiny minority that has no white and is a dark red. Yahoo is in back, Google is in front. Note the "bracelets" on Yahoo's legs.

& Google

I have believed for most of my life that things always work out the way they are supposed to work. Perhaps another way of stating that idea is to say that one can always look for the best in any circumstance.I still worry (probably too much) and get angry or disappointed when things don't seem to be going my way, but like the last leaf on a tree I hang on to my belief. Sometimes I wish I didn't have that belief because it means I won't get my way, but I choose to believe that way anyway. Yesterday that belief was tested beyond all odds. It was a day that appeared to be set up for disaster, but I held on, asked others for prayers and good thoughts and waited out the time until at 5:45 in the evening when I was to find out if Google was going to get to live with his sister and us. Somebody had put a "hold" on him at the last thing the night before when I had taken his sister Yahoo home. It was a series of unfortunate events, but with a great ending and even greater reunion. Yahoo and Google are now for life sister and brother in the same home - our home. Purr!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


In the course of one's life many events occur: birth, growth, marriage, homes, children, pets,death. As well, many emotions are felt: happiness, dreariness, love, hate (sometimes), joy, anticipation, grief. To experience death and then life in the same week does not happen often, but to experience two new lives in the same week's span is most uncommon. Last Friday our dear cat Cjazz died, and today I met Yahoo, a sweet little girl kitty. She has a brother, but he didn't get to come with her. After much conversation, it was decided that these two siblings should be together and so tomorrow, Google will come home to live with us and his sister. The clincher in the decision making process was when we were choosing names. I kept finding names that would work for a pair and all of a sudden I thought of the perfect names for cats that live in a computer person's world - Yahoo and Google. My husband loved it. Death, Life; Grief, Joy!

Sunday, January 22, 2006

On coming and going

It is so fun to get a kitten or puppy or new baby, or for that matter to see the new flowers bloom in spring. New life is wonderful and so is the process that we live each and every day. But, the reality of life is that it ends and January 20 we had to say goodbye to our long time cat friend Cjazz. I'm sure that as much as the heart delights at the little things that a new kitten does, my heart grieves as I see a toy he played with still on the floor, and see his water dish needing to be put away. I can't let go of these things yet, it is too soon, but there will come a time when he is just a memory in our hearts, a very, very good memory of a profound friendship. Like posts in the past, his picture is there, but he will not be in this one.