Thursday, July 23, 2009


I saw a doe and her fawn recently in the yard and watched them for quite some time. Bob came home driving down the drive and the doe moved away a little bit, but not far. We were going out for dinner when he came home, so I went out to the car. The doe had walked a little bit closer, but the fawn wasn't in sight. As we left she sauntered up the driveway ahead of us and over into the neighbor's driveway.

The next time I saw her I saw the fawn first and then...another fawn. Then Mamma dear came up behind them. We call her Scarbourough because she bears a scar on her left shoulder. Last year we saw her with her yearling fawn. She seems to know which plants to eat and when. Our columbines had bloomed beautifully this year. I wanted them to go to seed so I could start some in our back yard. One day I came home and most of the seed heads had been carefully nibbled off. Evidently she has been taught from her mother just when these columbines are richest with seed. Now the fawns are nibbling the columbines to the ground. The hostas have suffered the same fate. I'll be looking for deer proof plants next year.
Cute little fawns with all of their spots and huge ears. They are a much smaller deer than is seen in the Rocky Mountain region.

Mamma deer is gently guarding her babies. She seems quite unafraid of me.


What total glee is present in this photo. Kids are so pure and unreserved about expressing their feelings. Look at the hands held in little fists. As adults we do the same thing when expressing sheer joy. I giggle every single time I look at this and actually giggled most of the way home last night after taking Nithya and her Mom home. We had as much fun as she did.
Here it is. After clicking my camera constantly I was rewarded with the perfect picture. She is anticipating the water with eyes closed just a bit, the dress is swinging as she turns and the water splashes out to illustrate what has been happening. I don't remember ever getting the perfect shot, and this whets my appetite for photography. Thanks Nithya for a great day.


What child doesn't delight at the idea of playing in water. It is an irresistable urge that is common in most people. My friend Samatha and her daughter Nithya are regular visitors at our home. On this warm summer day we walked around the yard and then settled in on the deck to watch Nithya play. She soon found the water and this is what happened. First is that anticipatory look of "what will happen if I put my hand in the water?".
No self-respecting child could resist the urge to drink out of the birdbath - "NO NITHYA!" shouts Mother. I just giggle.

She is such a beautiful child with zeal for living. Her little gauze dress is soaked at this point.

"I'm having SO MUCH FUN!" and it is so evident in every fiber of her being.

And I thought the other picture was soaked. Now this is really soaked. Stay tuned for part 2.

Monday, July 13, 2009


Thank you, thank you to those who follow my blog and make comments. I always go back and read them and they uplift me so much. Bless you for being my friends and family and blessings to those who might find me by accident.


Believe it or not I'm still here. We have been busy every weekend either travelling or working in the yard trimming shrubs and pulling blackberry vines the invasive weed of the Pacific Northwest. I'm getting settled in my studio space and have begun making a bit of jewelry: a gold colored freshwater pearl single strand necklace, a black freshwater pearl three strand necklace and learning the process of cold joined metal. Reading a lot is how I learn best, and that means not only books, but using the Internet as a tool for research. Both are time consuming.

Last week we saw a doe and her speckled fawn, probably a month of age. I took a video of them that is sweet, but until I learn how to edit it and prepare it for upload, you won't see it. It is a very small breed of deer that lives here in the Northwest, unlike the large Mule Deer that live in the colder Northwest areas.

I keep delighting in the growth of Sam and his gentle spirit. I think he gets that from both of his parents who, I might add, are most excellent parents with a wonderful sense of patience, love, and encouragement.