Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Such beautiful people, such a sweet baby boy. This was taken at Sam's third baby shower. I understand that newspapers only print 5 generation photos now because people are living so much longer and four generations is pretty normal.

Monday, January 05, 2009


We knew when we moved to this house in the woods that there was wildlife. It didn't take too long before we began seeing a doe and this years' fawn (that is the fawn on the left). They have been frequent visitors to our yard. Just before this photo was taken the rose bush on the very far left, almost off the photo had the last leaves nibbled by these hungry deer. I suspect they are the ones that snatched the ripe pear off the pear tree last fall before we moved in. There are definitely coyote, bobcat, and we have heard reports of wolves and cougar. I will keep my ears and eyes aware when gardening in our yard and hopefully the only critters I'll see are the slugs and an occasional salamander. However, from this entry you will note that gardening is a while away yet.


I'm holding Sam while he is trying to sleep. He looks pretty normal sized in my arms with my stature a wee bit on the short side.

Sam's Dad is 6'3" and Sam looks like a newborn in his arms. In Grandpa's arms with chin to head Sam looks pretty normal sized. Now look at second cousin Jenn. Sam looks HUGE. At 5 weeks Sam is wearing 6 month sized clothes. We are hoping that if Jenn has children they will be born closer to her 5#?? birthweight. These photos were all taken the same day.