Wednesday, April 28, 2010


1. Beignet ruptured a small pin feather. Scared me to death.
2. It is so green here and I can see that warm weather is on its way, finally.
3. I've been knitting a hat for John.
4. Our dogwood is blooming.
5. I have seed packets lined up on the counter waiting for the right day to plant them.
6. Two deer were in the yard on Sunday and I walked within about 6 feet of them, then one of them lay down.
7. I want to lay down with a color book and be like a kid again and just color whatever I want. I can do that, I can.
8. We are trying to get Beignet to say Please. It is an awesome task and she is resistant.
9. I was at Macy's today buying unmentionables and saw the new styles in clothes. I think I'm in the dark ages, but I don't want to leave. It was hard enough the first through ninth times learning how to stay in style. I think I'll just keep this one.
10. I ordered henna powder and oils (terps) to make henna paste. I'm eager to do this, but have to practice some designs first.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


1. Bob woke me up Monday morning, I got up and had breakfast and slept until he woke me up when he came home. My body is still healing.
2. Wednesday I had my weekly visit with my primary care doc. I'm doing better, but have to see a ear, nose and throat specialist and also a pulmonologist.
3. I've already seen the throat doctor and my vocal cords are severely swollen. I'll be back on antibiotics and we will try more frequent inhaled steroids. If that doesn't work, then it's the big stuff again.
4. I actually got out of the house twice this week.
5. I fell asleep watching a movie last night. I never fall asleep during a new movie.
6. I'm so thankful for the Indian gown that Samatha brought to me from India. I have been wearing it for a robe.
7. We have a mile high stack of laundry on the sofa and nobody has the energy to fold it.
8. The ENT doctor wants me to have gastric bypass surgery. I'm having a hard time considering it.
9. Beignet is always happy. It is nice to have that presence in our home.
10.Bob is at a place called "Fatburger" that makes the most marvelous hamburgers in the world. He is bringing them home for dinner. I get mine on a plate of lettuce with lots of veggies without the bun. Yum. And...the funny thing is that they pat the fat off the fresh lean meat burgers. The name is from the 50's.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


1. My peonies are about 18" high already.
2. The cherry tree is in bloom.
3. I'm still really sick. It's depressing for both Bob and me.
4. I have a yearning for homemade kettle corn.
5. I want to dance in the sunshine with great abandon.
6. Bob has been pulling up ivy. We're trying to get rid of it..
7. Goggle is finally mat free. That means the cats can get a bath.
8. I've been knitting a hat for John. I'll probably make two.
9. I wish I had a log of all of the hats I've ever made. It's a lot.
10.I'm ready to wear shorts and tank tops. I like the warm weather. Wait till July!

Wednesday, April 07, 2010


1. I can't talk and have had laryngitis for almost two weeks.
2. Because I can't talk I'm on self imposed voice rest hoping it will reduce the swelling.
3. My sister's whole family is sick.
4. Is this the universe's idea of a joke. Give us beautiful sunshine and flowers and make us too sick to enjoy it.
5. At least we have beautiful flowers and sunshine.
6. Beignet is absolutely gorgeous and is so proud of her feathers.
7. I'm happy to have my nephew Jeremiah home with his family. He's been overseas on duty.
8. I finally got my iPod to work. I won't ever buy an Apple product again. They don't have the heavy duty applications that are available in Windows OS gadgets. Their ads are good though.
9. I cut my hair yesterday. It feels so good.
10.Sam has become so cute. He is charming and I say that with reserve. In actuality he is a magnet. He does such cute things. His new word for the weekend was cha tsige.

I'm pooped today after two doctor's appointments. Prednisone is great to heal a person, but one day off it and you go back to reality. The doc says I need another week on it. Oh boy, no sleep this week.

Being sick for near on two weeks makes one a little sassy and caged. Cabin fever is at its high in this house. I want to go out and work in the dirt!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 01, 2010


1. I've had a really bad asthma attack.
2. Have I ever mentioned that I really hate ER rooms and Hospitals. They help, but I had them.
3. I had great docs helping me. 911 told me I only had a little cold and left.
4. I learned about the kind of old woman I don't want to be when I get old (never).
5. The food was delicious at the hospital - like going out to a great deli.
6. I'm so happy to be at home after basically 5 1/2 days at the hospital. Too much to explain.
7. Did I mention I'm so happy to be home with my family.
8. Spring is really here. The peony's are growing fast.
9. It is so good to feel a lot better.
10. I'm thankful for modern medicine. The attack I had would have killed me before cortisone was available. Of course cortisone has been around for a long time, but I'm still so thankful for it when it is necessary.

ps: Thanks to all who prayed for me during this time. It always helps and is appreciated.