Monday, July 25, 2011


July 13 I decided that it was time to do something drastic to reset my brain and my taste buds. I had watched the documentary, "Sick, Fat, and Almost Dead" and was impressed by the vitality that two very ill men had accomplished by using a raw vegetable and fruit juice diet that I went ahead and checked with my doctors and they gave me the go-ahead to use it. Their exception was that I add some more protein in the form of fat free milk or yogurt, beans and eggs because I have been very sick and am still healing. I bought my juicer - the cheapest one on the shelf which was a Jack LaLane Express It, and have now been juicing for 12 days. Result so far is that I feel better, have more energy, my brain no longer teases me in wanting bad things to eat and I have lost 11 pounds. After an initial big plunge in weight it has steadied out to almost a pound a day. I don't expect that to continue at that rate, but it has made my pants too big.

I am most impressed by the flavors of the juices I make and by the change in mind set. That was the first reason I went on the diet. For only 12 days, I am also impressed by the change in energy level, and what person wouldn't be impressed by the loss of excess pounds. The fourth thing I am impressed by is how little I crave what everybody else in the world eats and how disgusting fatty/sweet desserts seem to me now. I do crave hot foods, but not too much because it is summer and the produce is so amazing. Life will be so much different for me after the sixty days that I will be using this introduction to the flavor of food that is good for you.

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